Oxygen Regulator
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Click Style Oxygen Regulator -
Downward facing outlet port for safety and durability
Clear flow window for flow setting
1-1/2" diameter gauge
100% quality-control testing to ensure reliability
Body size: Mini - 7.5 cm
Regular - 13.0 cm
Long - 15.5 cm
VST-30X series (Inlet CGA870)
VST-312 (2 DISS Model for Ventilator, 0-25lpm)
VST-314 (2 DISS Model for Ventilator, 0-15lpm)
VST-311 (Inlet Fixed CGA870)
VST-AM2 (Inlet CGA870)
VST-313 (Mini-size, All-brass body)
VST-210 (Inlet CGA992 with handtight wheel)
VST-1XX series (Inlet CGA540)
VST-316 (Inlet Rotary CGA870)
VST-408 (Inlet DIN)
VST-009 (Japan type)
all-brass pressure chamber can provide maximum safety and
flow knob which is clear view in flow precise adjustment.
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